Women In Pharma & Lifesciences

Women In Pharma & Lifesciences

Empower, Progress & Innovate

16th May 2024 | Central London

Power The Future Of Pharma & Lifescience Innovation:

Vital Industry, Market Disruption & Tech Updates To Drive Product Innovation, Enhance Business Performance From Leading Women In Pharmaceuticals & Lifesciences

Gain Confidence To Make Strategic, Informed Decisions Which Achieve Recognition, Seat More Women At The Top Table & Tangibly
Contribute Towards Organisational Success & Better Customer Outcomes

16th May 2024 | Central London



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Iria Gala, Sr Director Digital, Data & IT, Novo Nordisk

Tamara Chisholm, Senior Legal Director, Global Compliance, Gilead Sciences



Inspiring Empowerment & Career Progression

Develop Brand New & Refreshed Strategies For Personal & Professional Development Which Celebrate Your Strengths & Builds Resilience In Male-Dominated Environments To Reach The Top

  • Elevate your voice as a woman in pharma! Hear from senior female leaders in pharma about their career progression in the industry to forge clear career paths to get to the top with high-impact strategies to advance your career to the next level
  • Take action to empower women and strengthen the pharma industry with inspiring female leadership stories to reduce the gender gap and celebrate the value of female perspectives in driving innovation
  • The collective voice of women for change and policy revolution! Shape and build your commercial or functional career and propel your career forward with clear, structured progression and career roadmaps
  • What policies or measures can be put in place to overcome complexities of matrix organisations to empower women to progress to senior leadership roles and future proof your business?


Perspective One


Anastasia Roshchina, Head of Marketing, Haleon


Perspective Two


Caroline Zago, Senior Director – Venture Leader Consumer Health, Philips



Breaking Barriers & Supporting Potential

How Can Women Create Innovation In The Pharma Space? Challenge Biases, Break Taboos & Drive Supportive Work Cultures Which Accelerate Career Progression & Provide Tailored Resources To Support Women In Pharma & Lifesciences Throughout Their Professional Journeys

  • Enhance your professional development and break down gender-based barriers in the pharma industry by using networking opportunities to showcase expertise and success stories and build valuable connections
  • Identify the preventative factors that deter women from pursuing careers in pharma and mitigate these by committing to providing transparent promotion paths, fair performance evaluations, and mentorship programmes to effectively support female career progression
  • Maximise the opportunity to ask critical questions to a panel of industry peers to expand your critical leadership skills, overcome barriers and challenges, and advocate for yourself and others to shatter glass ceilings and hit your career goals

Dr Doina Ionescu, Managing Director, Merck Healthcare UK & Ireland

Oya Canbas, VP, General Manager, Zoetis UK

Harriet Lewis, Director of Market Access & Public Affairs, Chiesi UK & Ireland





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Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



Leverage Trailblazing AI, ML & Automation Breakthroughs

Embrace The Potential Of AI, ML & Automation Tools To Seize New Opportunities, Become An Industry Leader & Make Informed, Strategic Decisions For Long-Term Organisational Success

  • Demystify AI, ML and automation to uncover the potential of these tools and showcase the real-world value for the pharma industry to transform your skills, create efficiencies, and try to get drugs and products to market as quickly as possible as a result of new tech
  • Remain ahead of the curve by empowering and upskilling yourself and your teams with the right tools and training to leverage the latest AI technologies to secure investment and guarantee long-term success
  • Effectively communicate the importance of AI to make informed strategic decisions to leverage AI’s potential effectively and align it with personal and organisational goals
  • Build a rich data-driven culture that incorporates diverse perspectives in AI development to expose biases and create inclusive technologies for improved outcomes


Hebe Middlemiss, Head of AI Strategy & Innovation, AstraZeneca



Seamlessly Implement The Latest Tech Trends & Innovations To Thrive In A Dynamic Tech Landscape, Guarantee Top Strategic Business Value &Accelerate Your Career

Embrace The Potential Of AI, ML & Automation Tools To Seize New Opportunities, Become An Industry Leader & Make Informed, Strategic Decisions For Long-Term Organisational Success

  • How can you ensure state-of-the-art technological innovations are available and accessible securely and in a timely manner to avoid over-reliance on yesterday´s technologies to truly seize new opportunities?
  • Celebrate the excellence of women at the cutting edge of scientific research and technological advancements as they became industry leaders and make informed, strategic decisions to establish long-term organisational success
  • Arm yourself with leading industry knowledge and harness these technical insights to understand and assess business critical priorities in a wealth of technological innovations to further your own career


Emma Booth, Head of Global Medical Digital Strategy, Amgen



Driving Digital Transformation

Transformation & Empowerment Through Knowledge: Drive Digital Breakthroughs For Long-Lasting Results Across Your Business, Skyrocket Your Career & Advance Your Skillsets

  • With a rapidly-evolving technological landscape shaping in the pharmaceutical industry, how can organisations tap into the critical role of digital transformation to stay competitive and adapt to the evolving healthcare ecosystem?
  • Explore the unique opportunities for women in pharma to leverage their skills and perspectives in driving innovation and change within the industry and showcase real-world examples of successful digital transformation
  • Share practical strategies and best practices for integrating digital transformation into pharma organisations, considering the unique needs and strengths of senior-level women
  • How can your organisation maximise the positive impact of digital transformation for successful business outcomes, boosted employee engagement, overall industry relevance and embracing the value of change?


Susana Bento, Global Omnichannel Operations Lead, Grünenthal Group



Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners



Join Our 30-Minute Coaching Workshops Focused On Upskilling

a) Work-Life Balance
b) Empathy & Soft Skills
c) Mentorship
d) Leadership Journeys & Styles




Sridevi Nagarajan, Head Digital Regulatory Strategy, AstraZeneca



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks


Sridevi Nagarajan, Head Digital Regulatory Strategy, AstraZeneca

Sarah Chan PhD MBA, Director of Regulatory Affairs International, Business Strategy & Operations, MSD



Representation & Allyship In Pharma

Visibility, Recognition & Support: Inspire Active Allyship That Engages All Employees To Build An Inclusive Workplace Culture To Propel Your Career As Women In Pharma & Lifesciences Forward

  • How can women really impact change and change community, and how can they address discrimination and stigma?
  • What is the role of male leaders and coworkers as allies advocating for women driving forwards in their career journeys? How does this complement the role and responsibility of women in helping other women for true allyship?
  • Establish mentorship and sponsorship programmes specifically designed to support senior-level women in pharma from all backgrounds and advocate for their career advancement, ensuring they are considered for high-profile projects and promotions
  • Encourage conversations in your organisation of the challenges women and those with protected characteristics face in the industry to create more inclusive and diverse work cultures that champion diversity and inclusion
  • Advocate for policies and practices that foster an inclusive and supportive work environment for senior-level women, including flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies to ensure senior-level women in the pharmaceutical industry are represented visibly in leadership roles


Hilary Baseley, Head of Commercial Excellence UK, IRELAND, NORDICS, Grünenthal Group

Sarah El Idrissi, Digital Health Product Manager EMENA, Accord Healthcare


Marc Land, Chair ERG MyCommunity LGBTQ+, Grünenthal Group

Emily Pegg, Associate Vice President, Medical, Lilly Northern Europe, Eli Lilly & Co



Under Representation In Trials & Drug Development

Avoid Limiting The Effectiveness & Safety Of Pharmaceutical Interventions With Female-Led Insights That Increase Awareness Of Disparities & Commit To Developing Drugs

  • Examine how diverse leadership teams contribute to more comprehensive, effective and representative clinical trials, which ultimately lead to improved healthcare solutions, innovation in drug development and boosted patient outcomes
  • How can you ensure there is representation in all clinical trials, and what can women do for other women in the clinical trial space to ensure that diversity exceeds expectations across pharma? How can you make that space diverse and reflective of the communities you want to serve?
  • Unpack systemic issues associated with the “male as default” approach such as unconscious biases that contribute to gender bias in the design and evaluation of pharmaceuticals, influence drug efficacy and safety and hinder the development of medicines tailored to the needs of women
  • Promote the value of female-led insights for drug development strategies and decision-making processes to include unique physiological and health considerations of women

Dr Emma Lane, Global Patient Engagement Lead, UCB Pharma




High-Impact Data & Analytics

Unlock Strategic Insights Through Advanced Data & Analytics To Drive Impactful Decision-Making & Improve The Go-To-Market Models While Navigating Regulatory Challenges & Compliance With Data Governance

  • Data is the cornerstone! Examine how high-impact data and analytics can empower senior-level women in pharma and lifesciences by leveraging advanced analytics tools to inform critical decision-making processes, drive innovation, and enhance overall business strategies
  • Drive personal and organisational growth with enhanced data literacy to amplify individual career trajectories and create a data-driven culture within your organisation
  • Explore how robust data governance frameworks can empower senior female leaders to make informed decisions while navigating complex regulatory landscapes
  • Showcase how a diverse and inclusive approach to data collection, analysis, and decision-making processes can lead to more comprehensive insights, innovative solutions, and strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry

Marisa Muninger, Business Unit Head CV/Thrombo Belux, Sanofi



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Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



Human Narratives & Storytelling In Pharma

Brand-Led Case Study!

Angeliki Nikoli, Global Head of Marketing, Almirall SA



Leadership & Engagement – Critical Steps Up The Ladder

Be Inspired By Senior Female Leaders In Pharma & Develop Your Own Leadership Capabilities To Improve Technical Expertise, Solve Business Problems, Enhance Strategic Thinking & Advance Your Career Up The Ladder

  • Inspire bold leadership, research, and solutions that advance women in pharma to spark innovation, promote organisational success and drive industry-wide systemic change with personal stories of inspirational women progressing in pharma and lifesciences
  • Enable women to achieve their ambitions by building inclusive workplaces where women of all identities are supported and empowered to thrive and perform with clear roadmaps to accelerate progress
  • Harness and channel your soft skills of empathy and understanding to create meaningful, personal and professional relationships that drive career growth and develop your skillset as a well-rounded and successful leader with peer mentorship, camaraderie, and support
  • Equip yourself with skills and knowledge to progress your career with updates on the latest tech innovations, market disruptions and new opportunities which shape the future of pharma


Lenka Vychytova, Global PRO Marketing Head, Centers of Excellence, Bayer


Béatrice Nihoul, Senior Director, Global Compliance & Ethic, Galapagos GmbH


Mary Hinks-Edwards, Director, Medicines Product & Pipeline Communications, GSK


Barbara Albient, Head Strategy & Business Innovation, Novartis


Madalina Turturica, Vice President Obesity Legal, Ethics & Compliance, International Operations, Novo Nordisk


Astrid Scherer, Head of Product Development & Process Excellence Clinical Development & Clinical Operations (VP), Bayer



Afternoon Co-Chairs Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference