4th Annual, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, One America Square, London, 30th November 2023

Power Transparent, Compliant Comms Which Cut Through With Digital Advances - Add Real Value To Patients & Engage Stakeholders

Pharma & Healthcare Communications Excellence Which Drives Reputation & Trust

Reignite Reputation & Trust, Communicate Value / Pricing & Market Access, Deliver Value-Adding Patient Engagement / Sustainable Performance & Impact In Healthcare / Digital Comms Advances, Power Social Media Success / Government Relations Strategies / Unlock Engagement By Engaging Stakeholders / Prioritise Education & Mitigate Misinformation / Engaging Storytelling / Effective Messaging / Strategic Internal Communications & Buy-In

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Lesley Ferguson White, Vice President Global Communications, Vectura Fertin Pharma

Zuzanna Grzekiewicz, Communications Lead, UK & Ireland, Vaccines, Sanofi

Reputation, Trust & Perception

09.10 Safeguard Against Profiteering Finger-Pointing, Reframe The Narrative & Lessen Lingering Prejudices To Build Reputational Excellence Which Ultimately Unites Payers, Regulators & Physicians & Ensures Innovations Reach As Many Patients As Possible

  • How can pharma and healthcare overcome the understandable nervousness in society?
  • Ensure confidence in the production processes of your products by clearly conveying to the public the developmental steps, strict regulations and quality control processes to remove the dark perception around healthcare solutions
  • How can you develop long-term, trusting relationships with consumers so that you’re already foreseeing pushback and challenges and are able to sustain reputational excellence even in times of crisis?
  • Utilise digital channels to communicate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and build an association of your brand with first-class ethics using best-practice tips and tricks

Luke Mircea-Willats, Senior Director, International Communications, Moderna

Mélanie Yammine, Director, Governmental Affairs, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd

Eoin Weldon, Head of Communications, UK & Ireland, Merck Life Science, Merck Group

Johanna Gehring, Head of Communications, Roche

Adam Davison, Group Corporate Affairs Director, Holland & Barrett

Paul Lehmann, Corporate Affairs Director, Spire Healthcare Group plc

Comunicating Value, Pricing & Market Access

09.45 How Can You Justify More Expensive, Innovative Medicines During A Time Of Unprecedented Demand & A Cost-Of-Living Crisis To Ensure Consumers Don’t Lose Trust In Pharma?

  • Value isn’t just monetary! Centre your narrative around human experience by highlighting patient benefits to communicate your broader societal worth beyond profits
  • Explore narratives to cut through the noise of traditional media and convey your purpose directly to the general public and explain price rises to foster a greater reputation for transparency
  • With new drugs constantly coming to market, how can pharma consistently innovate and update their external messaging on pricing, particularly within times of economic uncertainty and worldly crises?
  • Examine fresh and innovative strategies to illustrate the limitations of VPAS and other regulations to the unknowing public to break down stigmas and usher in a new era of perception towards pharma costings
  • How can you emerge with your reputation intact after an access fight and drive towards win-win outcomes?

10.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Justine Hibbert Boone, Head of Global Public Health Communications, Roche

10.20 The Science of Simplicity: How Health Psychology and Behaviour Change can Revolutionise Trust and Reputation in the Digital Age

• Unveiling the hidden link between trust, simplicity and reputation in the digital age
• Why health innovations remain inaccessible to so many patient populations (and the simple step to tackle it head-on)
• The often overlooked step that can make or break your KOL engagement strategy
• Three practical ways to make your communications campaigns more impactful today (in five minutes or less!)

Lizz Summers, Head of Brand and Marketing, Medico Digital

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.50 Is creativity the New Normal in healthcare communications?

  • The psychology of storytelling and how we tell and engage with stories 
  • The creativity in health fear. What can we learn from the advertising industry and how can we apply this to pharma?
  • How we’ve seen the needle move over the past 5 years – what lessons we can learn and what’s here to stay
  • Building creative storytelling into the everyday of healthcare and how it can improve the future of comms.

Kath Harrison, President, Europe & Middle East, GCI Health

Patient Engagement

11.05 Go Above & Beyond With Engagement Strategies Which Add Real Value To Patient-Pharma Relationships By Mitigating Frustrations, Minimising Inequalities & Maximising Holistic & Meaningful Support

  • The public are more engaged with their health, but what conversations can pharma companies have on a daily basis to point them in the right direction to the best solutions and cement a productive and trusted two-way relationship?
  • When speaking to marginalised communities what are the barriers and what topics need to be most urgently addressed to overcome challenges and result in more reflective research?
  • When online, how much patient interaction is too much and how should pharma companies deal with negative posts without risking a viral explosion that harms your overall image?
  • Benchmark your clinical trials to identify why certain audiences are excluded and devise comms strategies to bring them into patient groups to promote a broader and reflective production of medicines

Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd

Aleks Krygiel-Nael, Head of Government Affairs & Policy, MedTech EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Matthijs van Meerveld, Global Head of Access Policy & Patient Access, Oncology, Menarini

Sustainable Performance & Impact

11.40 With Environmental Reputation Equalling Economic Revenue In Corporate Importance, Grasp The Latest ESG Trends In Pharma To Create A Sustainability Conscious Organisation Built In Collaboration With Policymakers

  • How can you generate a compelling story which demonstrates your commitment to sustainability standards in pharma rather than just sounding like you’re using the right words to avoid greenwashing accusations?
  • Explore best practice insights and strategies which ensure that patient safety is not compromised when making production processes more environmentally positive and creating a different sort of reputational headache
  • How can pharma and healthcare companies promote their ethical approaches in an authentic way that is unique to healthcare to stand out from every other industry striving towards the same ESG goals?

Digital Comms Advances

12.00 Power Digital & Social Comms Strategies Which Deliver Engaging, Informative Narratives That Influence Stakeholder Investment & Reinforce Public Perception Of Your Brand’s Message

  • How can pharma and healthcare brands compliantly leverage ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to create exciting new opportunities and place pharma at the forefront of the tech evolution?
  • With another pandemic not beyond possibility, learn from mistakes and successes to benchmark your digital crisis comms to ensure you are well prepared to continue promoting external stakeholder investment with future-proofed strategies
  • Establish the main challenges cutting-edge automation and tech pose to the future of pharma communicators and ways to leverage new tools which safeguard and supercharge your brand narrative for maximum impact

Amanda Stuart, Head of Communications & Engagement, Novartis UK

12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

12.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Patient Centricity
  2. Clinical Trials
  3. AI, Automation & New Tech
  4. VPAS

13.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jacqui Macdonald, Corp. Comms, Sustainable Dev. & CSR Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim

Sarah Heming, Public Affairs & Communications Director, Northern Europe Cluster, Zoetis UK

Social Media Success

13.30 Cut Through The Noise & Leverage Social Media To Ensure Simultaneous Growth & Protection Of Your Reputation Across Multiple Touchpoints Whilst Developing A Strong & Robust Digital Presence

  • How can pharma and healthcare utilise the full suite of channels and digital opportunities available today to achieve desired results?
  • Tackling the critical interaction questions… how much interaction on social channels is good, and how should you engage and interact with negative posts?
  • Uncover fresh and innovative insights in order to roll out social strategies across different platforms which are both compliant and creative to signify the dawn of pharma truly cracking social media
  • With TikTok leading the way, does video have a place in the landscape of pharma social media and how do you create content which engages rather than alienates stakeholders?
  • Clinicians or industry? Influencers or governments? Who should be leading the pharma conversation on social media and can an inclusive, multi-stakeholder model be pursued in order to maximise reputational standing and raise awareness across the board?

Bhavin Vaid, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Iris Buttinoni, Communications Director Merck Italy, Merck Group

Miriam Tormo, Senior Associate Global Digital Communications, Amgen

Pia Beltrão Hansen, Director of Commercial & Product Communications, LEO Pharma

Jes Broe Frederiksen, Global Communications Manager, LEO Pharma

Government Relations - Unmissable Insights

14.05 With Healthcare Systems Under Pressure Across Europe, Examine Best Practices For Institutional Collaboration To Safeguard Reputations & Grow A Mutually Beneficial Foundation Of Trust

  • As government affairs increasingly involve direct contact with stakeholders, benchmark techniques to ensure a continually fruitful and compliant working relationship across all touchpoints
  • With pharma companies struggling to invest in certain markets owing to tax implications, how can big pharma manage this shift without seeing dramatic reputational repercussions?
  • As the WHO advocate for a health and wellbeing economy determined by metrics away from GDP, what does this governmental shift mean for how we measure success in pharma?
  • VPAS: how can you encourage a more sustainable, long-term conversation with governments about paying for medicines to avoid such relationship-damaging impasses in the future?

Engaging Stakeholders

14.25 Maximise Strategic Communication Approaches To Build Compelling & Convincing Business Cases Which Win Over Key Stakeholders & Secure Long-Term Buy-In

  • With stakeholders looking at pharma companies and anticipating your next big move, how can you communicate that part of your mission is to maintain relevance in society and achieve sustained top-line growth?
  • How can social media be leveraged to demonstrate your values to external stakeholders in order to cement confidence and create sufficient trust in your brand?
  • What strategies can be employed as a pharma communicator when there is a limit to what you can share to ensure compliant and engaging digital comms which sustains stakeholder engagement?
  • Carefully select your channels and messaging to avoid delivering a non-compliant message and turning away user interest in your brand’s digital comms

14.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Education & Misinformation

15.45 Encourage A Shift In Public Mindset By Moving Away From Simply Challenging Disinformation & Instead Building Democratising, Lifelong Relationships Of Trust With End Users

  • How can you bridge public disconnects and overcome nervousness in society around new products by communicating fact over fiction to promote public health excellence?
  • With the global pandemic shaking trust in the overall vaccine community, leverage multifactorial strategies to work in conjunction with governmental bodies to reduce vaccine hesitancy in 2023 and beyond
  • How best can you get your scientists in front of the general public to educate them and portray findings from your research up front to strengthen your authentic messaging?
  • Explore new strategies to develop trusting relationships with consumers that foster long-term consciousness so when a crisis hits the public know where to turn for reliable information

Monica Escusa Campos, President’s Office & Public Affairs Director, Cofares

Engaging Storytelling, Effective Messaging

16.05 Navigate Regulatory Limits, Determine What Makes A Compelling Story & Explore How Content Performs Both Externally & Internally To Create Winning, Holistic Narrative Arguments

  • So much more than a logo and colours! How can pharma companies use branding to tell a story and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace whilst simultaneously reflecting their unique vision and values?
  • When working with the same disease area in awareness campaigns, how can you keep reinventing patient stories to develop consistently compelling but varied narratives?
  • Grassroots vs. global: explore the power of influencers as a storytelling tool within communities and determine which human narratives best suit your end goals

Krysia Sommers, Head of Communications at Bayer Germany (Pharma & Consumer Health), Bayer

Internal Communications & Buy-In

16.25 Increase Employee Connection, Secure Vital Buy-In & Create A Sense Of Shared Ownership, Pride & Advocacy With Strategic Internal Communications Which Foster An Engaged & Motivated Workforce

  • No work phone, no email and a separate canteen… how can you get in touch with people in your production line to encourage generally relevant communication throughout your organisation?
  • Explore effective strategies to overcome challenges when producing a company-wide social media campaign likely to cut across different markets and regulatory requirements to avoid lengthy legal headaches
  • Create a brand identity built around your people to foster an inclusive, transparent workplace that employees are proud to be part of in order to build and maintain internal buy-in

Pia Beltrão Hansen, Director of Commercial & Product Communications, LEO Pharma

Jes Broe Frederiksen, Global Communications Manager, LEO Pharma

16.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference