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20 Pharma Brands Speaking In 1 Day | Pharma Comms Impact Conference Programme

Impactful, Value-Adding Pharma Communications Which Engage Internal & External Stakeholders: Deliver Results With Powerful & Compliant Social Media & Digital Strategies, Engaging Messaging & Storytelling, Positive Internal Cultures & Stakeholder Engagement & Communicating Value, Pricing & Complex Innovation, Safeguarding Reputation & Proving The Value Of Communications

A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 27th November 2019, Museum of London Docklands, London.

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Informal Networking 

09.00 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Rene Rust, Head of Global External Communications, GSK Vaccines

Fiona Olivier, Public Affairs Director Western Europe & Canada, AbbVie

Engaging Storytelling, Effective Messaging

09.15 Get The Message Out & Make Sure It’s Understood! Employ Clear & Effective Messaging To Maximise Meaningful Engagement

Charlotte Davies, Head of Communications, Healthcare, Merck

  • Overcoming internal and external challenges within pharma to deliver innovative and engaging communications within such a highly-regulated landscape
  • Comprehensively identify and understand your audience to ensure that your comms campaigns are meaningful, impactful and resonate
  • Drive real-life powerful storytelling which conveys a fuller picture of day-to-day pharma activity

Optimising Social Media 

Harness The Power Of Social Media Within Pharma’s Highly-Regulated Landscape For Agile & Flexible Messaging Which Resonates & Drives Real Impact

09.35 External Perspective

Arpita Pani, Senior Commercial Governance & Digital Strategy Manager & OTC e-commerce Brand Lead, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

  • Cut through the noise with quick and responsive approaches to social media with compliant and interesting messaging
  • Identify the best platforms to target your audiences with focused messages
  • Remain compliant with effective social media monitoring and listening tools for quick and responsive pharmacovigilance

09.55 Internal Perspective

Speaker To Be Confirmed, Please Check The Website for Updates

  • Training staff to be responsible social media users who adhere to policies
  • Leveraging social media as a reputation-enhancing tool to bolster your employer branding and recruit the best
  • Internal social media and enterprise social networks: what are the best ways to reach different audiences, groups and departments within your organisation? 

Advancing Digital Comms

10.15 Raise The Bar For Your Digital Comms With The Latest Tools, Channels & Platforms Strategies To Tangibly Improve Your Internal & External Communications Impact

  • Capitalise on advancements in digital by determining which comms channels, tools and platforms work best for pharma and how we can continue to innovate with digital, while remaining compliant
  • From email, to LinkedIn, to Apps; build a compliant, cross-channel and solid digital comms foundation which engages internal and external stakeholders
  • Leverage digital communications to their full effect with engaging, next-level content - all within the latest regulatory guidelines
  • Concrete facts not gut feelings: evaluate the impact of your digital comms to drive strategy forwards; optimise data analysis to produce useful, clear, persuasive and influential messaging for digital specific pharma comms

Roeland Van Der Heiden, Digital Director (Global Corporate Affairs), AstraZeneca

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.15 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Transform Internal Cultures

11.35 Influence The Internal Narrative & Support A Positive Culture Of Company Advocates Who Believe In The Company Mission

  • Overcome the challenge of translating complex information from different therapeutic areas into easily digestible content
  • Bring positive internal cultures to life which effectively outline the company mission, bolster employees through uncertainty and support digital transformation and organisational change
  •  Connecting leaders to the wider staff base with dynamic and authentic comms
  • Best-in-class tactics to manage the internal narrative, create a feedback culture to drive employee engagement and increase retention

11.55 Lauren Cettier, Head of International Communication, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Communicating Value, Pricing & Market Access 

12.15 Defining Value: Navigating The Conversation Around Value, Pricing & Market Access To Convey The Complexity Of Price-Setting, Diffuse Tensions & Alter Stakeholder Perceptions

  • Dousing the political fire: navigate the emotionally charged, complex debate around pricing and market access to explore opportunities for education, collaboration and relationship building
  • Change the conversation around the price and value of medicines by communicating cost factors to stakeholders including risk, cost, price of future innovation, rare therapy investment, cash-poor markets and reimbursement
  • Improve stakeholder perception of pharma by articulating and contextualising the societal value of the work being done within the pharma industry
  • Jagtar Singh Dhanda, Healthcare Policy & Public Affairs, Pfizer UK

James Read, Director of Policy & Communications, MSD

Bernard Mallee, Director of Communications & Advocacy, Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association

Cheryl Pitcher, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, AbbVie

12.45 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Event Partners

Informal Peer To Peer Discussions

13.15 Facilitated Peer Networking Discussions

A) Peer To Peer: Ethical Standards Of Data Usage

Arpita Pani, Senior Commercial Governance & Digital Strategy Manager & OTC e-commerce Brand Lead, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

B) The Blended Comms Function

C) Global Vs. Local

D) Remote & Offline Employees

E) Media & Journalist

13.45 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mhari Coxon, Global Marketing Manager, GSK

Pharma-Specific Comms Innovations

13.55 Successfully Tackling Pharma-Specific Comms Challenges: From Strict Regulations To Patient Safety, Complex, International Business & High-Risk Stakeholder Relationships

  •  Communicate highly complex and specialised information with clarity and impact in a regulated environment to drive corporate and customer value
  • One size doesn't fit all! Varied and targeted comms strategies to meaningfully engage patients, HCPs, payers, government and internal stakeholders across geographic and linguistic barriers
  • Living in a time of constant change: preparing for looming disruption including administration changes, new legislation, Brexit, highly specialised medicines, disruptive tech and more!

Jill Pearcy, Director, ABPI Code Engagement, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

Yvonne Möller, Head of Communications Corporate Germany, Shire

Sarah Macleod, Head of Communications, Oxford Biomedica

Dr. Rene Rust, Head of Global External Communications, GSK Vaccines

14.25 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Engaging Stakeholders Snapshots

Tailoring Communications To Key Stakeholders For Strong, Collaborative, Win-Win, Value-Adding Relationships & Long-Term Engagement

14.45 Engage Patients By Translating Complex Jargon Into Digestible Information, Provide Support & Forge Meaningful Relationships With Patient Advocacy Groups

Stephanie Ludwig, Senior Manager Patient Advocacy & External Communications, Takeda

14.55 Working With Government & Regulatory Bodies: Enable Open, Collaborative Conversations Which Improve Market Access & Compliance With Insights Into How Best To Engage With Government & Regulators

Gianluca Ansalone, Head of Public Affairs, Novartis Italy

15.05 Exploring Evolving Healthcare & HCP Needs For Up-To-Date Comms Which Resonate & Drive Better Collaboration

To Be Confirmed. 

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Reputation, Trust, Perception

15.45 Proactive Communications Strategies To Boost Public & Stakeholder Trust, Correct Misconceptions & Prevent Reputational Damage

  • Bolster reputation by communicating and celebrating the positive societal impact of your organisation - without sounding inauthentic
  • Fend off reputation challenges on multiple fronts; successfully diffuse emotionally or politically charged debates from political fronts and patient groups to social media and journalism
  • Ready-to-deploy strategies which quickly and effectively handle crises as they unfold
  • Tactics to use social media and authentic employee advocacy as a reputation-enhancing tool

Mhari Coxon, Global Marketing Manager, GSK

Transform Internal Cultures 

16.05 Influence The Internal Narrative & Support A Positive Culture Of Company Advocates Who Believe In The Company Mission

Kristian Lysgaard, Director, Head of Global Internal Communication, LEO Pharma A/S

Novartis Oncology Case Study: Innovative & Highly Specialised

16.25 Pioneering Innovation, Pioneering Communication: Managing Public Interest Around CART Therapies In Times Of A Significant Corporate Culture Change

  • Managing extraordinary public interest around the first-to-market cell-based gene therapy for two distinct blood cancers at an unprecedented value to markets across the European Union and adjacent countries (e.g. Switzerland/Israel)
  • Educating internal and external stakeholders to truly understand and appreciate the science and operational aspects as well as the value of uniquely complex, one-time therapies and their long-term effects
  • Successfully weaving corporate culture change into all comms and stakeholder engagement efforts, helping associates to move towards an open, dilemma-sharing and trust-building communication culture

Karin Blumer, Head of Communications & Patient Relations Cell & Gene Therapy, Novartis Oncology Europe

Proving The Value Of Comms

16.45 Prove The Value Of The Comms Function! Demonstrate ROI To Secure A Seat At The Top Table

  • Attribute ROI by drawing tangible links between your comms activities and business success
  • As the workplace changes, new tech is introduced, the political landscape evolves and departments are increasingly required to do more with less - how can comms professionals get ahead of the trend?
  • As internal and external communications become more blended, how can different teams and departments communicate better to enable an integrated communications and content strategy?
  •  Ensuring that comms has a seat at the table and is involved in strategic decision making which furthers the business
  • What does the future of communications look like for the pharma industry, where would we like to be in 5 years’ time and how can we get there?

Fiona Olivier, Public Affairs Director Western Europe & Canada, AbbVie

Nazim Can Okar, Communications Director International Operations, Novo Nordisk

17.15 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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