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Apply The Latest Comms & Reputation Insights From 30 Pharma, Healthcare & Regulatory Leaders In 1 Day

Harness Digital Advances & Evocative Comms Approaches In The Post-Pandemic Landscape To Forge Deep Stakeholder Relationships & Drive Reputation & Communications Excellence For Pharma & Healthcare
Ensure Your Communications Add Real Value To Patients • Break Down Complex Issues For Clear, Transparent Communication Which Increases
Trust • Digital & Social Media Communications Which Cuts Through • Outline Corporate Purpose & Evidence Action • Justify The Value Of Pharma During Economic Pressures.

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 8th November 2022, Central London. Send Your Team! Please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for group discounts! No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Cheryl Pitcher, Head, Corporate Communications, AbbVie



Fiona Cohen, Head of Corporate Reputation for Europe, Teva Pharmaceuticals 


09.10 Delivering On A Clear Corporate Purpose To Deepen Impact For Stakeholders, Contribute To Business Resilience & Strengthen Sector

  • Health is wealth… how can we increase pharmaceutical industry-stakeholder collaboration to advance global access to healthcare and address future health challenges?
  • As health inequities enter the spotlight on global, regional and local levels, what should we do and how should we join the conversation to evidence pharma’s positive impact and tangible advances?
  • With governmental measures around social value and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how do we engage in a constructive dialogue with investors and incorporate ESG into pharma performance narratives?

Véronique Toully, Vice President & Global Head of Sustainability, UCB



09.30 Seize Comms Opportunities To Reframe The Narrative & Boost Company Reputation Across Key Pharma Stakeholders Within The Lens Of A Rapidly-Changing World

  • We’re in a changing world! To what extent do healthcare budget squeezes, swinging political affiliations, volatile supply chains, new governments and wider worldwide events shape the overall perception of the industry – and how can we positively influence that?
  • Safeguard against profiteering finger-pointing: enhance your voice and presence on key societal and welfare issues to continue to justify the investment in healthcare and be seen as critical partners to public health
  • All tarred with the same brush? Cultivate a strong company presence to break away from a single industry perception when there is a negative incident or crisis elsewhere in the sector
  • When many elements of the pharma industry are built on commercial sensitivity and intellectual property, how can we balance holding our cards close to our chest with an openness and transparency that consumers have come to expect from business?
  • Reputation stagnation: explore opportunities to reframe the sector and shift certain lingering prejudices from the last 20 years

James Read, Director - Animal Health Policy & Comms Lead UK, MSD


Adam Davison, Group Corporate Affairs Director, Holland & Barrett


10.00 Presentation By Conference Partner, Mind + Matter - Beware of the bubble? How taking a cross-sector approach can improve your comms

  • When you're focused on building and maintaining corporate reputation and best practice comms within a highly regulated industry, there's good reason for staying laser-focused on your immediate competitors. But when was the last time that you looked beyond this bubble? What can we learn from other industries? What are the benefits of looking across sectors for inspiration? And how can we take those learnings and apply them while remaining compliant?

Jen Lewis, Associate Director, Evoke Mind+Matter



Joe Marshall, Senior Strategist, Evoke Mind+Matter



10.15 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10.45 Perceptions Around Pricing: The Ongoing Battle To Communicate Complexity To Manage Multiple Stakeholder Backlash Around Pharmaceutical Product Pricing, Prove Value & Mitigate Reputational Damage

  • There are no quick, cheap wins in drug development! So how can we best clearly communicate the science and production complexities to justify price – and translate that to the public, patients, media, government, HCPs and payers?
  • When pharma is having to make difficult decisions to achieve affordability and market access – how can we clearly convey the negative impact this has on healthcare innovation?
  • Are there strategies that actually land well with the public and media to prevent the profiteering narrative from resurfacing and impeding traction with politicians and other key stakeholders?

Justine Hibbert, Head of Global Public Health Communications, Roche


11.05 Strategic, Engaging & Interactive Patient Communications Which Build Trust, Bolster Long-Term Relationships & Provide Holistic, Meaningful Support At Every Stage Of The Patient Journey

  • Go beyond one-off campaigns for sustained engagement with patient communities that increase trust, provide accurate information and truly add value to the patient-pharma interaction to encourage further contact
  • With healthcare systems under strain, waiting times up and critical treatments overshadowed by COVID, how can we communicate with patients to mitigate frustrations and minimise healthcare inequality in the face of ongoing challenges?
  • Seize every opportunity to close the loop and draw meaningful insights from patient journeys and communications to further improve patient resources and services
  • In the room where it happens… how can you leverage communications to ensure that patients have a seat at the table?

Clara Bentham, Head of Communications, Sanofi UK & Ireland


Marlène Elisabeth Spielmann, Associate Director, Patient Advocacy EMEA, Novocure




Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Astellas Pharma Europe


Paul Robinson, European Lead, Patient Innovation, MSD



Darcy Bowman, Director, Public Affairs, Gilead Sciences UK & Ireland



Jenny Ousbey, CEO & Founder, OVID Health


11.45 What's Next For Pharma Reputation? Global Trends Shaping Corporate Reputation In Pharma

Thomas Fife-Schaw, Research Director, Ipsos Corporate Reputation


12.00 How Can Pharma Shake Off The Cloud Of Negativity & Misinformation To Increase Transparency & Trust With The Public & Be Perceived As A Credible Information Source?

  • COVID isn’t the only epidemic at our gates… how can pharma mitigate the impact of fake news online to create space for trusted, medically-sound information sharing?
  • Are there better approaches for pharma and healthcare authorities to work with media to combat the spread of misleading coverage or wilful disinformation and build trust?
  • Can we better harness the positivity of pharma’s role in the pandemic to further develop a strong, receptive public health environment for new treatments and innovation in other therapy areas?
  • From obesity to mental health to anti-microbial resistance, how can pharma achieve cut-through with the public while shining a light on preventative healthcare to improve wellbeing and patient outcomes?
  • Public trust is going to be paramount to future innovations and successfully leveraging healthcare data – so how can we lay the groundwork with our comms to increase transparency and secure buy in?

Sarah (Mewton) Heming, Public Affairs & Communications Director, Northern Europe Cluster, Zoetis UK


12.20 Ethical Handling Of Health Data: How To Create Trust Through Establishing & Communicating Ethical Principles

Jean Enno Charton, Director Digital Ethics & Bioethics, Merck



12.40 Morning Chairs’ Closing Remarks

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions Peer-To-Peer

a) Vaccines

Luke Mircea-Willats, Director, Media Relations & Communications, International, Moderna


b) Diversity & Inclusion
Jill Pearcy, Director, Reputation, ABPI


c) Crisis Response
Alicia Custis, Associate Director Of Communications, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Co-Chairs’ Remarks

14.00 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Anna Schmelcher, Director Corporate Affairs (Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa & Canada), Amgen


14.00 How Is The Industry’s Social & Digital Campaigning Helping To Tackle The Large & Looming Issue Of Antibiotic Resistance?

The pharmaceutical industry is leading the movement to tackle anti-microbial resistance with growing recognition of this great global health challenge, drug resistant bacteria are developing faster than new antibiotics can reach the market. The campaign targets increasing awareness of AMR among patients and public, finding solutions, and driving a political movement – with the ABPI working alongside patient groups and charities on a wide-scale digital push.

Elliot Dunster, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs & Devolved Nations, ABP



14.20 Drive Digital Communications & Social Media Strategies Forwards For Pharma & Healthcare Organisations With New Channels & Engaging & Informative Content To Increase Cut-Through With Key Stakeholders

  • Employ the best digital and social media channels for your comms mission to engage audiences creatively, create compelling narratives and achieve the results you want
  • Create strong digital communications strategies which keep pace with the latest public trends, tech and algorithm updates to ensure that your messages are relevant, impactful, compliant and in line with the brand
  • In a noisy, crowded digital landscape, how can you best manage multi-channel comms capacities to optimise resources and develop strong, online presences on key platforms
  • From education to support, what role can social media play in improving the health and wellbeing of the public and raise awareness and reputational standing for pharma?

Liselle Mulcaire, Global Head, Medical Omnichannel Engagement, Novartis



Luke Mircea-Willats Director, Media Relations & Communications, International, Moderna



Elliot Dunster, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs & Devolved Nations, ABPI


Clare Bates, Partner, Content Director, Page & Page and Partners


14.50 Presentation By Confererence Partner, Alva Reputation Group - COVID-19 as a catalyst for tech collaborations in the pharma world 

  • What is the impact and importance of partnerships in the pharma world, from a reputational standpoint?
    How valuable have technology collaborations been for pharma companies?
  • Has COVID-19 played an accelerative role for partnership efforts and collaborations with tech companies in the pharma space?
  • What are the parallels with the tech sector in terms of reputational opportunities and risks that arise from partnerships and collaborations for pharma companies?
  • What conclusions can we draw about the role technology partnerships have played in the past, present and will play in the future advancement of the pharma industry?

Siera Torontow, Managing Director, Penta Intelligence 



15.05 Strategic Communications Approaches To Create Compelling, Convincing Cases Which Win Over Key Stakeholders

  • With the price squeeze from inflation and supply challenges, as well as hard negotiations with buyers and governmental measures such as clawback taxes, how can pharmaceuticals drive towards win-win outcomes?
  • With incoming legislation on equity and reach, what comms approaches actually resonate with key stakeholders to demystify market access, the cost of innovation and switch the narrative from “price” to “value added”
  • Build the business case for better: how can you convince stakeholders of the importance of investing in future health outcomes now instead of short term mindsets driven by economic pressures
  • How can pharma best harness genuine patient advocacy around ground-breaking innovations and more to cut through to decision-makers?

Mark Davies, Senior Director, Head of Digital & Multi-Channel Marketing (International), Zoetis




15.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 From “In It Together” To Economic Squeezes, How Can We Create Clear Communications Between Pharma, Healthcare Organisations & Government To Build Back Better Post-COVID & Secure Long-Term Engagement

  • Harness the “whatever it takes” pandemic spirit and the collaboration between government and healthcare organisations to see us through the current “the coffers are empty” stage… how can we improve relations to protect future investments?
  • Change on a massive scale: with upcoming changes in market access across Europe, how can we prepare ourselves and communicate clearly throughout this new process to increase understanding around value added
  • Partner with other industry stakeholders and carry your voice to government and media to highlight the boost in jobs and healthcare that can result from investment and protection of innovation in the sector
  • Beyond COVID… there are infinite other health conditions which need a spotlight, so how can we better communicate with the Government around health?

Matthijs Van Meerveld, Head of Global Public Affairs, Breast Cancer, Sanofi



Anita Ralli, Associate Director of Government Affairs, Gilead Sciences


Paul Lehmann, Corporate Affairs Director, Spire Healthcare Group plc


Klark Mullen, Associate Director, Therapeutic Area Government Affairs, Astellas Europe plc



16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference


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