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GCI Health is a global integrated healthcare communications agency Inspired by People. We share our clients’ desire to improve the health of all people around the world and work tirelessly to contribute to their ambitious goals. Our approach to communications is rooted in looking at all stakeholders – patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, policy makers, reporters and payers – as people with distinct perspectives that shape how they think about health. We create breakthrough, people-driven programmes that drive tangible results for our clients and the people they serve. And we carefully curate a culture that is based on the belief that people should be as successful in their personal lives as they are in their professional ones.

GCI Health has a straightforward vision to be the best healthcare agency in the world with a mission to recruit and retain the best people in communications.



Healthcare is evolving rapidly. To stand out from the crowd requires a potent combination of rich insight, innovative ideas and flawless execution.

We are an uncommon health communications agency with a deep understanding of today’s complex healthcare environment.

Providing smart thinking, refreshing storytelling, and breakthrough solutions: from strategies through to entire campaigns.

We pioneer new routes and break new ground to deliver breakthroughs for our clients.

We work for a broad mix of healthcare clients, including: pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, healthcare service providers, charities and healthcare professional and public-sector bodies.

From our offices in London, Brussels, Dublin and Dubai, and through The Ecosystem network of partner agencies, we deliver award-winning programmes across the UK, Ireland, the EU and internationally.



Investis Digital is a global communications company

We create digital solutions that drive business performance. Through a proprietary approach we call Connected Content™, we unite compelling communications, intelligent digital experiences and performance marketing to help more than 1600 global businesses connect with their target audiences.

Our Life Sciences solution leverages this core capability to deliver a full recruitment and retention solution, from targeting and education through to consent, enrolment and retention.

We have a strategic partnership with eClinicalHealth (Clinpal™). This alliance combines Investis Digital’s proprietary framework, Connected Content™, used for targeting, attracting and engaging hard-to-reach patient populations, plus our Virtual Event capabilities for Investigator Training, and, Clinpal’s cloud-based LMS and remote research platform, which connects patients, study teams and sites, during a clinical trial.



Porter Novelli is a global communications partner who fearlessly leads clients through a shifting economic, societal, political and cultural landscape to help them to close the say-do gap.

In a world of rapidly changing expectations and milestones for success, Porter Novelli Health understands the healthcare sector is at the forefront of delivering system impact.  And has been for decades.  Now, faced with even greater global system challenges, healthcare companies have increased permission to lead more and solve more.

Today, reputational leadership in health is measured by what you do and how you do it. Across brand, franchise, corporate and system innovation. Everything else falls from this.

By unleashing our superpowers of combined specialist health communications consultancy and purpose powered capabilities, we find new ways for clients to unlock system impact to benefit both society and company - now and in the future.

We deliver resilient, transformative and catalyzing health strategy and communications to enable clients to achieve predictable impact for business and society. We stay ahead of changing expectations to help our clients activate and communicate bold, differentiated, shared societal value.



Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform, combining conversational and behavioral signals from the world’s leading digital destinations to help brands understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them. It is part of the AIM-listed Access Intelligence Group.



Real Chemistry (previously W2O) is a global health innovation company with an alchemic mix of 2,000 people and hundreds of clients and partners working from bench to bedside to make the world a healthier place for all. Purpose-built by Jim Weiss to address modern healthcare challenges, Real Chemistry is the culmination of 20 years of intentional, fiercely independent, sustained growth.

We are committed to improving health outcomes across today’s ecosystem by partnering with companies who want to reimagine healthcare. We have built a home where the best health experts collaborate and innovate to deliver commercial, clinical and corporate solutions that put patients at the core, through data, proprietary technology and powerful creativity.

With offices across the United States and Europe, Real Chemistry believes that the way to real, transformative change is through our uncommon combination of talents, disciplines and technologies.

Real Chemistry’s proprietary technology products include Swoop, and the Symplur Suite of social listening, analytics and engagement tools, all housed within Real Chemistry Health Technologies. We have tools focused on clinical trial engagement, and expert service brands include W2O (integrated communications), 21GRAMS (advertising and medical), Discern (value-based care consulting), and starpower (influencer and entertainment marketing). Integrated intelligence, media and marketing are all within Real Chemistry’s Integrated Marketing and Intelligence Services.



In the age of information overload when it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise, Vuelio helps organisations make their story matter providing monitoring, insight, engagement and evaluation tools for politics, editorial and social media in one place. We help you determine who and what is most influential to your audience and brand. Then, with a wealth of reporting and relationship management options, you get real-time feedback to create even more effective communications. From MPs to journalists, expert bloggers to YouTube stars, we provide influencers with timely and relevant content, while giving you the insight and connections you need for your communications to have impact.

Our technology is used by more 3,000 organisations across the world, from large enterprises and communications agencies to public sector bodies and not-for-profits. We’re part of the Access Intelligence Group that includes ResponseSource, a network that connects media and influencers to the resources they need fast; and Pulsar, an audience insights and social listening platform.