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Book A Virtual Pass Before Next Thursday For Just £429* | 28 Pharma, Healthcare & Regulatory Speakers Reveal Their Secrets To Communications Excellence In Just 1 Day

Seize Opportunities From Post-Pandemic Learnings & Digitalisation To Engage Patients & Stakeholders Compliantly & Reach New Frontiers In Communications Excellence In Driving Reputation & Engagement In Pharma  Healthcare: Advance Pharma & Healthcare Reputation, Build Trust • New Digital Communications, Social Media & Influencer Strategies For Meaningful, Compliant Stakeholder Engagement • Empower Patients In Their Healthcare Journey • Combat Vaccine Myths • Influence The Internal Narrative• Engage Successfully With Government, Policy Makers & Politicians • Clearly Communicate Sustainability & Engaging Storytelling

A VIRTUAL, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event,  23rd November 2021, Online. Group Discounts Available!

08.40 Log In & Explore The Virtual Platform, Informal Networking

08.50 GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Pia Beltrão Hansen, Director of Commercial & Product Communications, LEO Pharma


09.10 As The Pharma and Healthcare Industry Has Been Catapulted Into Public Discourse During The Pandemic, What Are The Opportunities To Bolster Trust, Boost Industry Reputation & Reclaim The Narrative?

  • Tie trust and the public perception of the pharma and healthcare industry to your company purpose and proof
  • The industry has really been put under the microscope of the public eye during the pandemic, how has the public and stakeholder perception evolved?
  • Pricing and market access: how to communicate complex industry processes clearly in an emotionally-charged narrative and avoid coming across as the big bad wolf
  • What impact does increased patient centricity and collaboration have on the authenticity of our narrative and how our messages land with the public?
  • Trust starts at home... how to build faith in the industry with our own colleagues

Matt Cooper, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Jill Pearcy, Director, Reputation, ABPI

Hannah Huntly, Director External Communications, GE Healthcare

Bernard Mallee, Director of Communications & Advocacy, Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association

Meghan O'Donnell, Executive Director, Global Franchise Communications, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Pia Beltrão Hansen, Director of Commercial & Product Communications, LEO Pharma


09.40 The Landscape Of External Communications Is Evolving! Meaningfully Engage Patients, HCPs, Customers & High-Risk Stakeholders Digitally With Clarity In A Regulated & Complex Environment

  • Explore opportunities to better engage your customers and stakeholders through digital communication – what is it your audience needs and wants?
  • Partner with compliance and legal teams to set clear comms guidelines for digital content to ensure speedy content delivery and maximise engagement
  • In a risk-averse industry with legacy systems, how can we increase digital comms adoption?
  • From Telehealth to Sales Reps, COVID has increased digital acceleration in the pharma and healthcare industry towards virtual engagement and digital channels – what does this mean for our long-term comms strategies?

Gareth Dix, Global Director Pharma Social Media Strategy & Content, Pharma Communications & Engagement, Novartis Pharmaceutical


10.00 From Regulation To Reputation: The Role Of Social Media & Digital Influencers In Cutting-Edge External Communications For Pharma & Healthcare Today

  • From LinkedIn to Instagram (to TikTok?), evaluate the optimum social media channel mix for your audience
  • Cultivate engaging, compliant content that goes beyond the corporate jargon and generates real two-way engagement
  • Navigate the Code at pace to maximise results from digital influencer collaboration and content and evaluate the tangible impact of these partnerships
  • Explore opportunities to leverage social media channels to engage your workforce and build your brand image through trusted employee ambassadors
  • Impact! It all comes down to the bottom line, so how can you accurately benchmark social media performance?

10:00 Kristen Gail Andersen, Global Communication Lead, Novo Nordisk

10:20 Alejandro Rodríguez, Global Head External Digital Communications, ViiV Healthcare

10.40 Morning Break with Informal Networking

11.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.40 Establish & Manage The Link Between Internal & External Stakeholders In Times Of High Pressure, Misinformation & Uncertainty

  • When your internal stakeholders are exposed to fake news and misinformation in uncertain times, discover how to ringfence external information as a strategy to prevent an internal reputation crisis and minimise confusion and fear
  • When internal stakeholders become communication advocates: explore the benefits and risks to internal trust and external reputation
  • Safeguard the workplace by leading with clarity and trust to utilise internal channels to enhance external positive and trustworthy reputation and communication
  • Discover how COVID has been a significant player in enhancing the link between internal and external communications, and whether this trend will continue

Dr. Andrea Riepe, Global Head of Issue & Crisis Management, Reckitt


12.00 The Patient Is Paramount! Comms To Build Two-Way Engagement, Deliver Transparent Information & Empower Patients In Their Healthcare Journey

  • Social media, publications, patient advocacy groups... patient feedback is Q&A out there in abundance but how can we develop compliant two-way comms to directly channel comments into real, value-adding collaboration?
  • Create authentic comms by collaborating with patients to generate content which truly shares their voice, experiences and perspectives
  • Engage patients by translating complex jargon into digestible information, provide support and forge meaningful relationships with patient advocacy groups
  • How can we ensure we don’t get carried away with digital in this new virtual world to service all patients?

Dr. Amelle Liazoghli, Director Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability, Bayer Consumer Health

Kristen Gail Andersen, Global Communication Lead, Novo Nordisk

Luke Mircea-Willats, Gastroenterology Communications, GPLS, Takeda

Rebecca Dandridge, Director of HIV Public Affairs in UK&I Gilead Sciences, Gilead Sciences

Stephen Cull, Senior Lead, Obesity Communications, International Operations, Novo Nordisk

Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.

Isabel Hope-Urwin, Content & Communications Manager, The London Clinic

12.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions

A) Media, Journalists & Press
Stephen Cull, Senior Lead, Obesity Communications, International Operations, Novo Nordisk

Rʊla Skiza, Head of Marketing / Europe Region PR & Communications Lead, Allergan Aesthetics

C) Regulation & Compliance Breakout
Lucília Vieira Antunes, Legal Counsel & Compliance Lead, ABPI

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Jagtar Dhanda, Policy, Advocacy & Government Affairs Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb


13.40 We Care For Every Heartbeat – Building An External Narrative From Purpose, Conviction & Alignment & Bringing It To Life
Dr Wolfgang Schiessl, Director PR & Portfolio Communications, Specialty Medicines, Daiichi Sankyo Europe


14.00 The Year Of The COVID Vaccine, The Year Of Dispelling Vaccine Myths? From High-Profile Vaccine-Credibility Comms To Social Media Platform Crackdowns Seize Opportunities To Set Vaccines Up For Future Success

  • From vaccine hesitancy to anti-vaxxers, how have external comms changed to keep up with this increased vaccine visibility?
  • Explore the most effective methods to communicate with the public and combat the spread of misinformation around vaccines to build trust
  • Where are the most damaging conversations happening and how can pharma capitalise on increased vaccine coverage to collaborate with Governments, Healthcare and Media to break the cycle?
  • What could this post-COVID vaccine landscape look like in terms of trust, trials and uptake?

14:00 Emmanuella (Em) Dekonor Senior Business Partner, Communications (Commercial Operations), Seqirus

14:20 James Fitzpatrick, Senior Director & Head of Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy, Sanofi

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.10 Influence The Internal Narrative & Support A Positive Culture Of Company Advocates Who Believe In The Company Mission

  • Just because we work in the industry doesn’t mean people aren’t susceptible to misinformation! Lead and communicate with clarity to build trust
  • Bring positive internal cultures to life which effectively outline the company mission and bolster employees through uncertainty
  • Remote working, virtual engagement: from Zoom fatigue to wellbeing and productivity, what have we learnt about our comms strategies and what practices are here to stay?
  • Collaborate with enthusiastic colleagues to create external-facing employee-generated content and ambassadors – compliantly!
  • Comms which champion agility and innovation in internal cultures and support digital transformation and organisational change

Alicia Custis, Associate Director of Communications, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

15.30 Afternoon Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Operate More Sustainably, With COP26 On The Horizon, What Are Pharma’s Goals & How Can We Clearly Communicate Our Green Credentials To The Public & Stakeholders?

  • Net Carbon Zero, reducing emissions, ESG, climate change, environmental care... how can we clearly communicate the industry goals and use the right language?
  • How can comms collaborate with the sustainability team to best translate the technical elements to the public and stakeholders in a way that gets their buy in and support?
  • Pics or it didn’t happen! Failure to communicate the sustainability goals of the organisation works against the public perception of the company – share progress to positively impact business reputation

Jill Pearcy, Director, Reputation, ABPI

Mónica Escusa Campos, Corporate Affairs Manager, Biogen

Bhavin Vaid, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceutical

Lisa O’Sullivan, Global Growth Lead, Health, Porter Novelli


16.30 Overcome Internal & External Challenges Within Pharma & Healthcare To Deliver Innovative, Engaging Content & Communications Within A Regulated & Mistrustful Landscape

  • Steps to create a compelling and informative narrative aligned to business objectives – and then tailor and target it towards specific internal and external stakeholders?
  • Beyond corporate messaging: take content to the next level to drive excitement and engagement
  • How are brands keeping close to their business strategy and delivering metric-driven campaigns with demonstrably successful content?

Rʊla Skiza, Head of Marketing / Europe Region PR & Communications Lead, Allergan Aesthetics


16.50 Governments, Policy Makers, Politicians: Explore Opportunities Created By COVID To Further Relationships With Governments To Build Trust & Long-Term Engagement

  • Turbulent times, health crisis and economic uncertainty... how have government affairs and relations professionals adapted to secure the best engagement when governments are under pressure?
  • How can we best convey a value proposition to Government, policy makers and politicians to be seen not just as manufacturers but as life sciences looking to further healthcare and build public trust without treading into the lobbying space?
  • The role of Government in complex issues such as market access and pricing: how can we better communicate to change perceptions?
  • Beyond COVID... there are infinite other health conditions which need a spotlight, how can we better communicate with the Government around health?
  • UK focus! How can we ensure life sciences backing, new innovation and quality of care do not dip post-Brexit?

Mélanie Yammine, Director, Governmental Affairs, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.

Peny Retsa MSc, Market Access & External Relations Director, AbbVie Greece & Cyprus

Jagtar Dhanda, Policy, Advocacy & Government Affairs Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

James Fitzpatrick, Senior Director & Head of Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy, Sanofi

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.30 Close of Conference